Meet Your Host

Deb Erickson is a business mindset expert and coach who helps women in Network Marketing and Direct Sales move past the crippling mindset blocks that hold them back from success in their business. Deb’s training is specifically designed for the female mind, and over the past 20+ years has helped thousands of women unlock their fullest potential.

Deb discovered a passion for neuroscience while pursuing her graduate degree in psychology and counseling. The insight she gained into how and why our minds work became immensely valuable as she advanced her career in corporate sales, management, and then Network Marketing. Deb rose quickly to top leadership positions in two different Network Marketing companies, but watched in frustration as many women in her organization struggled to find success.

Recognizing the need for a female-centric training approach, Deb developed a system to coach her team members past the mental and emotional blocks that were keeping them from taking REAL business ACTION. Amazed by the transformation and results she saw, she adapted the system to share with fellow leaders.

As more and more women sought her out, Deb realized that the need for a system to help women move past fear, gain momentum, take action, and find their confidence in a male-dominated sales ecosystem was shared by entrepreneurial women everywhere. She decided to follow her passion of helping women step into their true greatness and founded her own company, ICAN Institute.

As the premier Business Mindset Coach in the Direct Sales and Network Marketing industry, Deb’s vision is to free the women of the world from the mental and emotional blocks that limit their business growth by empowering them with the mindset tools needed for true and lasting success.

About ICAN Institute

ICAN Institute is the result of Deb Erickson’s decades of experience and deep understanding of the unique challenges facing women in direct sales and network marketing.

Delivering mindset-focused business training, neuro coaching, and a supportive community, ICAN Institute offers Deb’s coaching, training, tools and insight in two ways:

Coaching Memberships: Whether you’re brand new to the industry or well on your way to leadership but aren’t yet hitting your big goals, ICAN Institute’s Coaching Memberships are a “one stop shop” packed with resources to help you get moving and growing in your business. With weekly live coaching with Deb, business mindset classes that delve deep into problem areas like recruiting, goal setting, time-management, personal confidence, and procrastination, plus easy-to-use neuro tools to jumpstart your momentum and energy, Deb’s Coaching Memberships provide the training and resources you need to overcome mental obstacles and real business challenges and step into the success you want and deserve.

Leadership Programs: If you’re a leader who’s frustrated that you aren’t hitting your next rank as quickly as you’d like, if you need help motivating your people and getting them “unstuck,” or if you’ve simply tried everything and need a fresh approach to get your team growing again, ICAN Institute’s ICAN Lead and ICAN Coach programs provide female-focused coaching, skills training, and tools to bring your team into consistent, productive selling and recruiting action. Deb’s results-oriented leadership programs will help you guide your team with confidence, build unstoppable momentum, and earn new ranks and incentives with more ease than you ever thought possible.