Show Notes

Have you ever felt that trials aren’t meant to build character, but rather reveal character? Have you ever had trouble recognizing the ability, determination and worthiness to succeed within yourself? You’re not alone. A confident Marina Worre, co-founder and CEO of Network Marketing Pro, tells us her story of how her confidence was once taken from her, and how she was able to transform herself once again into a strong and powerful woman.

In this episode, you’ll hear:

• How Marina knew she was “unemployable” by the age of 18 and how it led to her first business.
• How the “lottery mentality” attitude keeps people from achieving the results they want and the lifestyle they crave
• Why Marina is NOT someone you want to play a board game with…EVER
• Her 3 pieces of advice she would give to her younger self (and all women just starting out!)
• And how she had to work to discover her role inside Network Marketing Pro (and why you can blame her for the shaky videos in the “early days” of NMP!)

About Marina

Marina is a true inspirational leader and champion of women in the network marketing profession. At age 18 she was studying for an economics degree and started her first business. Then at 21, she decided to join her very first network marketing company. It was with this company that she met her husband Eric; and together they have grown their business, Network Marketing Pro, to the largest network marketing training company in the world, providing impactful courses and world-class events for network marketing professionals. They are raising five incredible children who can see that their parents’ relationship is built on a foundation of genuine love, core values and purpose.

It has always been Marina’s lifelong passion to help people achieve well-being and actualize their full potential, something she fulfills so brilliantly as the creator of the Most Powerful Women in Network Marketing event. Marina and Eric also recognize that there are people less fortunate, so they contribute to those in need through their philanthropic endeavors and support of several charitable foundations.