Discovering Your Worthiness For a Piece of the Pie (ft. Carol Yeh-Garner) 

Masters in social work? Check. Clinical hypnotherapist? Check. Royal Crown Diamond Leader in Network Marketing? Never in a million years if you asked Carol Yeh-Garner. And then she did. Now, Carol and I share a similar mission to help other women in Network Marketing flip the script on the power of their mindsets, thoughts, and subconscious.

From the moment I heard Carol speak at the Most Powerful Women’s Event, her engaging personality and alignment with my passion for mindset tools made me instantly sit up and take notice—and, I know you will too! Tune in as I bring you along for the ride to find out how one top leader in Network Marketing went from hypnobirths to Royal Crown Diamond SUCCESS in just over 2 years. 

On today’s podcast episode, you’ll discover:

  • How Carol went from passionate product user to earning a free trip to Hawaii within 2 months (and how THAT was the catalyst that made her go ALL IN for good!)


  • How her experience in social work and hypnotherapy merged with Network Marketing to help empower others to live healthier, better lives.


  • What the difference between a “no quit” and “no fail” mindset is.


  • The “Cancel Cancel, Delete Delete” mindset trick Carol teaches her own team (and uses on herself to sideline the negativity.)


  • The C R A Z Y—but true—way water in jars proves how powerful words and statements are (HINT: Our bodies are 50-70% water… THINK ABOUT IT!)


  • How sharing the good, the bad, and the beautiful (you thought I was going to say ugly, didn’t you?) can help EVERYONE to have a piece of the pie (and spoiler alert: the pie just keeps getting bigger… so grab a spoon!)


  • The number one thing Carol wants YOU to know despite your experience, skillset, or history… and that she was NEVER told herself.

Join me as I dive into a world of mindfulness, motivation, and the power our thoughts have on our future success with Carol Yeh-Garner on this episode of The Network Marketing Mindset Podcast today.