What would you say if I told you that the decisions you make today are dramatically influenced by your personal comfort zone—your fears, your willingness to try, the boundaries you set, your belief in yourself. Makes sense, right? Well, what if I told you they’re not set by who you are today… but instead, by who you were by the time you were 7 years old?

The hard-to-swallow truth is your adolescent brain is running the show… and keeping you locked away in an itsy bitsy comfort zone you’re past due to break free from.

On today’s podcast episode of The Network Marketing Mindset Podcast, you’ll discover…

  • Why your business takes a downhill slide the second you settle for “as good as it’s going to get.”

  • What your “mental set point” is—and how it’s limiting your Network Marketing success.

  • The oddly fascinating way to “train fleas”… and why you have to actively choose to NOT be a flea.

  • How men and high-achieving women with BIG personalities FORCE success—when FLOW is the strategy that works consistently.

  • Why adding MORE to your broken confidence and limited set point will NEVER yield the business growth or income you want.

  • How to reframe your childhood mindset limitations with powerful audios, tapping, and sensory rich experiences that will LIBERATE your energy… and YOUR POTENTIAL!

  • And why ICAN Neuro Tools are your best… and quite possibly, ONLY… REAL solution for success.

Join me for today’s powerful episode to UNlearn what you thought was possible and get the tools to finally stretch yourself past your set point; out of the known and into the limitless unknown; and away from the overwhelm and into clarity and confidence. 

PLUS, you can download my FREE ‘Every Thought Counts’ audio to experience firsthand what 24/7 access to ICAN Neuro Tools can do for your business mindset: https://www.icaninstitute.com/ican-neuro-tools/

Are you ready to embrace a bolder, unstoppable you? Your comfort zone is about to come crashing down… consider yourself officially free to flow unapologetically towards greatness.