Joining me today is someone I have a lot in common with. Previous experience as elementary school teachers? CHECK. Years of successful Network Marketing experience? CHECK. Adapting those lessons and tools to help other women? CHECK CHECK!  Clearly, I quickly became a raving fan of Brooke Elder. As the CEO of Social Tenacity, this mom of four—who homeschools no less—pivoted into her own zone of genius after 11 successful years in Network Marketing to help other women soar to the top. Riding the wave of internet marketing and social media… before there was barely a wave to ride… Brooke realized the blueprint she had designed for her own team could help tens of thousands. So she did.

On today’s episode of the Network Marketing Mindset podcast, you’ll hear Brooke and I discuss…

  • How Social Tenacity helps women in Network Marketing to build a brand around themselves to stand apart from the crowd.

  • The Imposter Syndrome that had her asking herself “Who am I to lead and teach these women?”—and more importantly, how she overcame it.

  • How her experience as a first-grade teacher helps her to break information down into bite-sized AH HA’s.

  • What I say is the difference between training and teaching (and why it matters).

  • Why authenticity plays such a large role in success.

  • Consistent action, overcoming fears, and the #1 indicator of success: willingness to take risks!

  • Is it “scary fear like a ghost… or excited fear like a rollercoaster?” Learning how to lean into fear for the greatness waiting on the other side.

  • And finally, the one thing Brooke would focus on if she were back at the starting line in Network Marketing all over again—and how to do it.

Plus, Brooke is sharing her Magic Morning
Handbook with my listeners. She says it’s the one thing that’s kept her stay connected to her goals despite ANY chaos going on in the world. You can download that here.

If you’re ready to take a listen to two perpetual teachers at heart who share a passion for authenticity and mindset, you’re going to love today’s episode. Network Marketing may be WHAT you do… but your brand is WHO you are—and that’s what drives success. All that and more on today’s episode of the Network Marketing Mindset podcast.