If you’ve got it… you’ve got it—and today’s guest on The Network Marketing Mindset Podcast For Women definitely has it. A mother, chiropractor, life coach, best-selling author, and 3rd Top Earner of her company, Dr. Erin Pollinger is someone who doesn’t just walk the talk—she helps guide women through it, too!

And of course, we’re both in agreement that mindset work is the missing key to success! 

On today’s podcast episode, you’ll listen to our exciting interview as we discuss…

  • How all of Dr. Erin’s cumulative experiences are centered in helping women to connect to a deeper place within themselves to experience physical and financial freedom.

  • Her 40th birthday decision to seek the “EXTRAORDINARY” out of life—and the subsequent answer she found in Network Marketing.

  • The “old school” methods Dr. Erin utilized to scale to the top of her company (and how she’s learning to adapt and embrace the tech side of business).

  • Her daily “womb-space” connections—and how that’s the portal to wisdom, power, pleasure, and intuition.

  • Why women need to learn to explore pleasure—and how it can neuro-chemically change the pathways inside the brain (YES! YES! YES!)

  • How my classes and memberships take women away from linear processes (what Dr. Erin calls “Man-Mode”) and into an organic flow of questions, listening, and following our energy.

  • Why progress, growth, and success will NEVER be achieved if your WHY isn’t authentic to who you are, why you’re here, and what your purpose is—and why Dr. Erin says your womb-space NEVER lies.

And as always, I asked Dr. Erin what she would do if she had to start all over. Her answer? SLOW DOWN. WHAT?! Find out what she means—and dive into a fascinating conversation centered around our mutual belief in the power of intuition, authenticity, and mastering your mindset—by tuning into today’s episode!

You can also connect with Dr. Erin by ordering her best-selling Book, Network Marketing Queen, and downloading her FREE guided womb-space meditations. Learn more at https://drerinpollinger.com/