Like many women in Network Marketing, today’s guest on The Network Marketing Mindset Podcast for Women never imagined becoming a global leader at the top of her company—especially one that allowed for freedom and flexibility after years of hammering away 50+ hours a week in Human Resources. And yet, that’s exactly what Maria Williams found after she quit her HR position—as the only woman in a male-dominated manufacturing industry—for a new way of life. Little did Maria know she was exactly what I call “Ready, Willing, and Able” to jump into the role of a lifetime. Now she’s one of the top-performing consultants in her company, leading a team of women with honesty, compassion, and integrity… and you’ll  quickly see why her people love her.

On today’s podcast episode, you’ll hear us discuss…

  • Maria’s instant attraction to Network Marketing (and why she was shocked to learn that there was real money to be made without missing out on the things that mattered most in life.)

  • Her hesitation to commit (but how her husband helped her realize everyone of us is ALWAYS selling something… so she knew she could do this, too!) 
  • The truth behind doubts popping up and why it’s essential to have a healthy balance of skill and mindset tools to combat it. 
  • The importance of continuously feeding your brain positivity (and why she tells her team she has ‘Deb in her head’ all the time!!!) 
  • My experience facing my own self-doubt just before a fire walk with Tony Robbins—and how I got through it. 
  • Maria’s advice if just starting out: “Hit the ‘Chicken List’ FIRST!”

When it comes to having a healthy mindset, Maria’s the first to tell you, it’s the make or break for success. She wears her heart on her sleeve and proves that it’s about being more than just “Instagramable”… it’s about daily, behind-the-scenes actions to obtain every goal you set. Ready for real conversations about heart to heart connections in Network Marketing? This episode is it.