What would it mean to you if you could 10X your business? That’s a loaded question, I know. And for some women in Network Marketing, they’re simply trying to 2X their sales… or 3X their recruiting numbers. But what if I told you about a recent study we held—that gave builders and leaders in Network Marketing access to ICAN Neuro Tools—and yielded one woman exactly that: 10X her normal recruiting numbers?

That’s precisely what happened… and yet, her success was just the tip of the iceberg. Join me—Deb Erickson, your Host, Neuro Trainer, and Business Mindset Expert—today as I break down exactly what happened during our study, the incredible successes and wins that followed, and the surprising data we collected.

On today’s podcast episode of The Network Marketing Mindset Podcast, you’ll listen to…

  • What 97% of the women we polled said was the #1 hurdle to their success (yet, they had no idea how to fix it!)
  • The TOP 3 mindset challenges women face (and you likely do, too!)
  • Why the forceful strategy of GO GO GO isn’t sustainable (but absolutely works in the last week of qualifying!)
  • How Neuro Tools momentarily silence the fear center (and why they work so radically for the female brain).
  • A LIVE Neuro Tool activity led by me (which is just ONE of 70+ inside the ICAN Institute Gold Coaching Membership).
  • The details of my FREE 3-Part Workshop focused 100% on getting UNSTUCK in your business (Interested? Get Started here).

If you’re ready to harness your mindset to find ease, flow, and non-stop movement in your business, you have to check out the Case Study we discuss in this week’s episode. I’m talking about results as impressive as 86% of women DOUBLING their sales volume… and 63% of women rank advancing after MONTHS of no success. Download the quick summary of the case study here— be prepared to be inspired.