For many in Network Marketing, the allure of an almost limitless income is motivation enough. For others, however, it’s the freedom to live life on their own terms—and that was exactly what fueled Tara Wilson’s decision to give up the “American Dream” she was living to take a chance with Network Marketing. Determined to be home more with her children, she dove in head-first and developed an insatiable appetite for self-development. 13 years and over $220 million in gross sales in 16 different countries later, Tara has found the key to truly “having it all”—and now she’s on a mission to help other Direct Selling professionals do the same.

On today’s podcast episode, you’ll discover…

  • Tara’s journey from earning $40 in 3 months to replacing—and then tripling—her previous income within 15 months (and it all had to do with personal development and fixing her mindset).

  • Why the “I don’t want to bug my family and friends” excuse is the worst thing you can say to her (and how it literally changed her life).

  • Why I say enthusiasm and passion will only carry you so far before a “diminishing return” sets in (and how Tara was smart enough to get ahead of it!)

  • The unstoppable power of putting yourself in the presence of big-thinkers and go-getters—which Tara says isn’t about “keeping up with the Joneses… but being inspired by them”.

  • My advice for learning from top-level producers: “don’t talk to try to impress; ask questions and listen.”

  • How Tara motivates her team with bite-sized teachings (and how that plays a profound part in her own mastery of new materials!)

This episode is all mindset, all the way—and Tara’s energy and journey from humble beginnings will have you hanging on every word. From her mission to serve others to her quest to continually make herself better, Tara is a shining example of what a true Network Marketing professional looks like. Perhaps she says it best, be “urgent in your actions and patient in your results”.